This is their moment to shine: please don’t take it away

Do we really want to remember the HOMIN comeback announcement moment as just lukewarm?

We are better than this.

So to anyone who can spare a few happy words or anticipation–I feel like I’m begging but if that’s what it takes, then I sincerely beg you to make your voice heard right now. Not for the sake of this situation alone but for two very deserving boys.

I plead with you to just this once, post your encouragement. Changmin and Yunho need you, be vocal and proud!

My words are desperate because we have vowed time and time again that we will support all five regardless of personal bias. But at this moment, we are not very welcoming.

I know we’re hurting because it’ll never be the same, of course there is bitter in this sweetness. However, supporting Yunho and Changmin’s comeback will not change the meaning of DBSK or harm our memories of DBSK as 5 members.

(And if you really can’t, if you are so bothered by the ‘usage’ of the DBSK name that you can’t let this moment shine for HOMIN, then I have failed reaching out to you. And for that I am even more heartbroken…I feel like I’m letting you down because we’re all fans alike.)



2 thoughts on “This is their moment to shine: please don’t take it away

  1. Just like how we support JYJ activities, we should show that too by support HoMin activities~~

    We are Cassiopeia and they need us ^^ Despite we sad about the DBSK usage of name, they’re more than us

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