Changmin and Yunho are just back up singers: what some “fans” really believe

posted by forum member (name removed) @ soompi DBSK thread said:

I’m… a little dubious on how well homin will do. *well, expecting some rotten tomatoes this way, too* In all honesty, just my opinion.. though homin’s vocals can be called good compared to normal.. its still, in a way.. how would i say this? .. you know? and since they’ve always been the back voices of tvxq, it’d be hard to go to the front as well as be compared to jyy. As much as i sound negative, its only my concern. I do anticipate it, and i really do hope they will make it and go beyond my expectations.. who knows?

My answer is, “NO, I DON’T KNOW”. I also can’t believe there are positive votes for her comment, meaning other people support the belief that HOMIN are mere back-up singers. How absurd and appalling! Why and when is this ever okay? NEVER. The nerve people in this thread have to condone such unwarranted insults.

It is not constructive criticism nor is it “concern” as she tried to thinly veil. It’s just insensitive and blind words about two precious members who have equal share to everything that has ever been accomplished as DBSK. I am saying this in defense of HOMIN as well as any other member(s) if they should ever be degraded like this. I am disheartened and outraged that fans view them in this way.

This is the latest and most revolting comment I have seen. I want to let everyone know there is poison in our fandom. Unbelievable, what type of ‘fans’ exist among us! Furthermore, in this person’s original post, she implied that we should pity HOMIN because the two lack ability which will make their comeback sooooo hard.

Correction: We will not pity anyone and no one needs any pity. Keep your mockery of a concern to yourself.

The audacity of some people. The soompi thread surely can be amazing.

Yunho and Changminnie, we believe in you.


3 thoughts on “Changmin and Yunho are just back up singers: what some “fans” really believe

  1. I, too believe that this comment made was appalling. I greatly support all activities HoMin related.

    And to add some supportive details:

    First, I would like to say that I think Changmin is one of the main vocalist of the group. I do believe that Jaejoong is by far the most prominent in all the songs, but let’s be honest, he has the voice of an angel. Changmin can belt out high notes like no other and he does usually have a solid verse in each song. On the other hand, Yunho is not so talented and I would say that he is more of a background singer. But, hmmm, who is the main rapper of the group? Oh yeah, it’s YUNHO. Each member is so unique, and that is what makes this group so powerful. That they can combine all their talent and sound amazing.

    Second, this group is well known for their ballad pieces and strong vocals, but that’s not it. They are also known for their amazing charisma and stage performances. This includes all of their dancing and who is the best dancer of the group? I think Yunho (you know?).

    Yeah, so suck on that! Each member is so extremely important to the group. And that’s why even though JYJ is getting good review and popularity, it is still not the same as TVXQ.

    1. i think it’s also important to note how “real” fans would realize and value yunho’s improvement over the years… his commitment and work ethic has been amazing.

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