Please forgive the incoherent writing.

When we arrived, we already saw that people were waiting. We stood there until the show started, a total of around 11 hours outside. It was the longest I’ve ever stood in a line to wait for anything in my entire life.

Tickets: I have bought tickets since the first day that tickets were sold. But up until the point we left for NYC, the seating was said to be priority first for ticket holders and then for those without tickets afterwards. However, when we got there, we were told that everyone, regardless of ticket or not, was first come first serve. We protested but unfortunately the guards weren’t given any information from JYJ management about what to do with ticket holders. At this point, my heart dropped because although I wasn’t ‘paying’ for a ticket anymore, I wanted at the least to be given priority seating. We could have been organized efficiently so that ticket holders and non-ticket holders were separated. It was very unorganized and security was not diligent. When we were finally let in, it was a mad rush, no one knew what was happening and overall, the disorganization led to poor conditions for the fans. JYJ staff were not present to answer any questions until the hour or so before we were let in. Even then, they did not and could not re-ogranize how we were all standing because it was too late to try and make it more efficient for thousands of fans. We just wanted to see the boys so bad and the fact that lots of things were unfair to us and that fans were cheating to get ahead in line…a lot of indecency from everyone.

THE SHOWCASE: The boys are exactly who they are on the screen. After 7 years of seeing them just on the computer screen, they did not disappoint me. From their faces, expressions, hair, every movement, how they tilt their heads, how they react, their gestures, their hesitations or quirks–everything was how they always are.

I have never seen them in life so just the fact that they were really there, standing, dancing and singing on stage in real time, I couldn’t get over it. I can’t really explain this in words but it was like seeing a puzzle put together for the first time.

Q&A: I can’t even spazzzzzzzz enough about how adorably human they were at this part of the showcase. I don’t know how to say this but it felt like I was suddenly closer to them then ever, it made me realize they were real there, simply talking.

JUNSU: HIS CUTENESS WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER FAIL TO SHOW THROUGH. He was the first to introduce himself and it was just like how he was in all the fancams. The way he tilted his head and then held the mic and how he was all shy and then finally said “I’m Junsu (pause) Kim”. He wasn’t answering questions as much as Yoochun or Jaejoong so i wanted more. I felt he was a little more nervous than the other two. But as soon as they started to perform, Junsu was on autopilot! My eyes were repeatedly on him without even realizing it. BUT REALLY….MY EYES WERE LIKE BULGING. He dances so fluidly.

Jaejoong: His confidence in the way he held himself shocked me a little bit. His talking voice sounds likes highest quality velvet?? ..i can’t even describe, his voice was so deep and warm and it has this quality. gahhhhhhhhhhhh. He used english more than Junsu. My favorite was when he said “I’m single”!!! WAHHHHHHH. Just that he said it in english heheheheheheheheheheheehe. I wanted to answer directly that i was single too. Jaejoong put a lot more into the dancing than I feel he has previously in the past.

Yoochun: CHARMING AND LOVABLE. Yoochunnie has so many sides to him but this time, he was kind of shy? almost like coy and teasing because obviously he knows we think he soooooooo sexy and his DIMPLE was showing the whole time on his left cheek and just very very very charming! how he answered the best he could in english and his shy smile every single time the fans screamed and the fact that we could see his face so clearly because his hair is short now–it felt like my heart was getting shocks!!!! His english understanding seemingly improved since before and he really tried his hardest in answering the hosts on the spot and even translated quietly to jaejoong before the hosts had a chance. When asked what he liked about new york city, he answered that HE LIKES TAXIS!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH. He made all of a little dizzy when he LIFTED UP HIS SHIRT!!! i REALLLLLLLY wanted him to lift up the shirt further and for longer. but, i think he a lost a bit of weight because his face was a bit thin, his dimple usually isn’t that evident. also i think after the first song performed, his shirt had this little zipper area by his tattoo and he tried to zip it up more (though he failed haha)–I don’t think he knew the camera was on him for the big screen. I really felt that he was sincerely thankful for the fans that night.

At the end, I couldn’t believe that it was their last song. It was the highest point of my fandom years, seeing them in the flesh, hearing them in the flesh, having this experience was something I needed to fulfill as a fan.

and maybe next time, i’ll be seeing all 5 in life. my poor lungs and heart heh~

extra: the jetblue airport photos recently posted…I was at jetblue terminal for hours and hours waiting for my flight, I wish I were there at their departure time. *sad*



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