JYJ fighting for their dreams: it’s 3 person battle, not 5 apparently

soompi forum member (name removed) , on 11/2/2010, 02:03 AM, said:

i see 3 very talented and hardworking souls, yes beaten, bruised and battered, but fighting for what they believe in. fighting for their dreams. fighting to continue doing what they enjoy most – music. you don’t have to support them if you don’t want to. but then don’t hurt them and try to bring them down either. why is their path so difficult and so treacherous?

^Well, I see 5.

Many posts similar to that make me think: So only 3 are fighting that battle? They think that only JYJ have actually ‘chosen’ to fight for their dream. They imply that by staying with SM, HOMIN have not made a ‘choice’ also? That HOMIN aren’t ‘fighting’ for a dream also?

It is unfair to see HOMIN in this light.

Does this make me biased? No, I’m simply responding to the implications made by others.

Will I be labeled as biased? Yes. But that’s besides the point.

The point here is that many indirectly and to my utter shock, directly imply that by staying with SM, HOMIN are passive, not suffering this journey to keep their dreams alive and they somehow lack courage.

All 5 boys are trying their best to keep their dreams alive, they all made decisions, they are all in ‘battle’ and fighting their hardest.

Is choosing to stay with SM any less valuable of a decision? Apparently to these people it is (that is if they even consider that HOMIN actually ‘made’ a decision at all). Don’t they think that it must also be an uphill climb to stay with SM? Now how incredibly unfair and dare I say ‘biased’ is that?


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