Poseidon (SBS Drama) role: “Yunho really has no backbone”

posted by forum member (name removed) @ soompi DBSK thread:

“…Maybe Jae never wanted it or maybe Yunho really has no backbone to decide on his own and instead agreed to tramp his friend.”

(This quote was a response to Yunho being recently cast for a role in the SBS drama, Poseidon. Discussion opened about possible SM involvement in getting Yunho the role, presumably replacing Jaejoong’s earlier speculated role.)

I came across the quote above and I could feel my blood boil. Someone blatantly and crudely bashed Yunho with severe accusations.

To my dismay, not a single fan in the thread disputed what that person had said. I refuse to believe that no one saw the harsh words.

I really am in disbelief that zero remarks have been made to defend Yunho…that person’s hateful words seemingly accepted. I expected so much more from the people in the thread.

So this is really how it is?

There has to be more fans out there who feel like I do and I beg of them to never let this happen again. Point things out when they are unfair. Don’t let someone just step all over our boys. I ask myself, can’t we do at least this for Yunho? For the rest of the boys too? We should be able to protect them in this way.

It is extremely disappointing because so many other issues are scrutinized in this thread. There is debate on even the smallest topics and full blown arguments about things that aren’t even near this person’s level of contempt.

But the truest reason why I am so taken by this is because Jung Yunho has never done a single thing for our eyes to see that make him even remotely deserving of such a despicable label. Yunho has always worked diligently alongside the other four. He is everything but what that person said.

I am glad that Yunho will never read that person’s comment. I never want Yunho to even contemplate that what he has done could have led to such hateful words.

Yunho, in the familiar words of early DBSK: “I don’t care what everybody says”.

Whatever They Say

Baby, I don’t know what to say
I just have to tell you that my heart will never change

People just want us to compromise with the world
If that will make me lose you, then I will go against the world

Whatever they say, don’t listen girl
All they’re doing is being envious of us
I just hope you will believe in whatever I tell you
Whatever they say, I don’t care, I love you

I’ve never felt so alone in this fandom…especially on a forum that I have belonged to since 2004. It may seem repetitive with my successive posts but it is important to me to record even the darkest times, perhaps just for myself and hopefully for the reflection of everyone at large.


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