would DBSK be proud of what you said?

I think that they don’t know it…but before they came there weren’t problems. And although they think that it is not them who have changed the dynamics, they just weren’t there before to see that amicable differences were possible.

What really gets me are the posts that say things like, “people just like to make noise” or even have out right said, “just shut up” or along the lines of “just quit, no one wants to listen to you”.

For the record, before the wave of them who came later on, no one had ever posted such indecent things–especially to/about a fellow fan.

Despite all differences and even major disagreements I never thought I’d see the day where “fans” tell other fans that they are “hated”. You can disagree with someone but it is never right or necessary to tell that other fan that they should look around and see that everyone hates them. Even just an ounce of respect is enough but they seem to be above that.

It’s too sad that they’ll never be able to see how it was before (at Soompi and elsewhere too). Honestly, I feel sorry for them.


3 thoughts on “would DBSK be proud of what you said?

  1. amen. and of course the most heartbreaking but truthful part is that they’ll never know. after all, they claim they are fans, but i’d argue that they do not understand what fandom really is.

    when you always keep the faith, you do not waver by the winds of other tsunami forces.

    when you always keep the faith, you know who to look at and who to never turn away from.

    when you always keep the faith, you know your place. and you hope for them to always be able to keep theirs.

    those that you mention have never kept the faith; they do not care to practice faith, as is evident in their past actions.

    i’m glad you didn’t put this on soompi, or if you did i didn’t see it. don’t want another war to start eh?
    I LOVE YOU FOR POSTING THIS!! totally just clicked on your link randomly only to stumble upon this. can’t have put it in better words. sheilapiglet said a whole lot of things too that were well put. like, why is the chick on the DBSK forum if she only cares about 3/5 of them?! WTF?!?! sorry for spamming here. she makes me mad. xD

    1. Hi there~don’t say sorry! this is not spam. I appreciate the feedback!! I’ve already said what I thought was necessary on soompi, this is the extra bits. i’m delighted to hear that others see the light also <3

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