they chose AVEX over Changmin

The majority of the response to Max Matsuura’s latest tweets tell him to stop using twitter or stop speaking of JYJ in general. I can’t help but think, only a few months ago these same fans supported Matsuura.

They praised him and hailed AVEX for being such a loving and supportive company. What a nice guy Matsuura was and oh my gosh he just cared so much!

Those fans were wrong.

Severe misjudgment perhaps?

Lack of logical reasoning?

Perhaps they were all naively mistaken; don’t they deserve some slack?

On most days I think, not!

They now try to dismiss Matsuura as if their former zeal for him was not disgustingly high; as if they never worshiped his unprofessional babbling.  

We warned the Matsuura worshipers to to be cautious but we were rejected. No, we weren’t telling them not to believe a single word from Avex. All we asked was for them to be careful. And now that it’s a full blown forest fire, they want Matsuura to stop when in fact they were the ones to help him light it.

Yes I am bitter. Sometimes I want to rub it in with the matching vigor that they once had for Matsuura.

I want to forgive or at least forget but how can I?

Why should I forgive them when not for a moment did they question Matsuura’s tweets about Changmin not shaking Matsuura’s hand? Why should I let it go when they chose to believe Matsuura’s every word whilst boasting about his trustworthiness?

How can I forgive them when they couldn’t give Changmin even the slightest benefit of the doubt? Imagine that, your own fans doubting you because of words from a third party.

I cannot let them forget how they readily accepted Matsuura badmouthing Changmin. They threw Changmin under the bus and even rationalized his behavior as “being only human”. They didn’t care that Matsuura sabotaged Changmin’s character at the most critical of times. All they saw was a hero named Matsuura, a hero saving JYJ.

But alas the day came when Matsuura threw JYJ away just like he did Changmin. Suddenly their mouths were opened for a taste of their own callous medicine. Suddenly, they declared Matsuura, despicable. And that’s the most disappointing truth: to them, JYJ was worth defending against Matsuura but Changmin was not.

I won’t and can’t forget nor forgive because it is as simple as this: they chose Matsuura over Changmin.

For the record, this isn’t an entry about how much I hate Matsuura or AVEX. I’m not disputing the validity of his tweet regarding Changmin. There really is no way to discern the complete truth of that situation, if any. This entry is about my deep disappointment in some fans for accepting Matsuura’s handshake tweet as absolute truth.


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