SM: The Biggest Bad Wolf

The first JYJ showcase was today but despite it, news has broken out about SM seeking legal rights to prevent the JYJ album from being released.

All sorts of slurs directed at SM have already flooded comment sections everywhere.

However, I never expected SM not to do this (or any company for that matter). SM has years of firsthand experience to understand the potential and therefore profitability of Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu. It’s a business move that SM logically should make.

I am not sympathizing with SM. It’s just that some of the fan comments are so poorly formed: “SM is pathetic,” “SM should go die,” “Fuck You SM” and the overused: “SM is so money hungry!”

Yes, we know SM doesn’t want JYJ to survive in the market. And yes, that means SM “wants” money. It makes plain sense. SM is an entertainment company and thus needs to survive in the market. Three of their once most prized artists are now directly challenging them. In a perfect world SM would remain silent and let JYJ begin a barrier free journey. But what are the incentives for them? The fact is, there are no incentives for SM to do otherwise.

Point being, calling SM names is indication that fans don’t understand the situation. Offhand, I do think “pathetic” is more along the lines of a CEO’s rambled-filled twitter account, right (Avex)?

But really, take a second to reason before pulling out your best name calling skills.

Look at it this way, JYJ would have to be incredibly daft if they hadn’t predict SM’s reaction. I guess I expected fandom to have similarly anticipated. Instead here we are again, fans at large re-realizing just how “evil” SM is. I digress to add that such fans are the very ones who end up perpetuating SM’s almighty power – oh the irony of calling SM “pathetic”.

I understand that no matter how JYJ/fans have prepared for everything that comes with suing SM, news like this is inherently troubling. But shouldn’t fans want to use their words to express encouragement for JYJ rather than to carelessly bash SM?

I say careless not because I think it’s careless to express opposition. It’s careless because it will not get your point across if you post, “STFU SM!” Fans end up undermining their genuine desire to protect JYJ.


One thought on “SM: The Biggest Bad Wolf

  1. that’s an interesting point you make in your second to last paragraph. i hope those “fans” realize their loss.

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