Avex takes a bow: Matsuura to sink or swim

It shouldn’t surprise me anymore that Max Matsuura has yet again tweeted.

But the true curious thing is, did his latest tweets (9/21/2010) tell us anything new?

Rather expectedly, he continues to use the type of language and tone one would use to elicit sympathy. He continues to convey the message that Avex is seemingly helpless and had no choice but to not sign with JYJ any longer.

In his latest tweet he even expresses his discomfort with people who are displeased with his tweets. Geeze, I wonder where he got that idea?

Perhaps fans who trusted him so wholeheartedly put him on a high horse but now that trust has taken a blow. His twitter history in relation to THSK is full of the ‘innocent/good guy stance’, seemingly desperate to paint that image of himself, to convince the public (fans). I’m not stating that I think he’s a good or bad guy. But it is too blatantly obvious that he wants to be remembered as the ‘good guy’.

Some good guys become heroes, most heroes don’t seek recognition but then again, a few do.


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